Statement: JALSA Impact Horrified at Attack in Pittsburgh

For Immediate Release
October 27, 2018

It’s a terrible, terrible thing, what’s going on with hate in our country, frankly, and all over the world. And something has to be done.
- President Donald Trump, immediately after Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

We at JALSA Impact may never before have agreed with anything that our President has said, but we agree that something absolutely has to be done about the hate in our country.  Unfortunately, it is the President himself who is sowing the seeds of this violence, and he must be stopped.  Both his subtle and outright incitement of hatred has emboldened people in our country to manifest and act on their most evil intentions.
Instead of calls for strengthening the death penalty or posting armed guards in front of houses of worship, we at JALSA Impact call on the President to stop tacitly approving acts of violence.  We call on the President and Congress to pass sensible gun violence prevention laws, which are favored by the vast majority of Americans across the country.  
We reject the culture of white supremacy, which is dependent on antisemitism and racism. We call on those who are fanning the flames of hate in our society to cease their vile rhetoric and stand up for our shared humanity. If we do not live in a nation that values every person, that respects each and every individual, regardless of their gender, sexual identity, race, or immigration status, we are fermenting the conditions for acts of violence.
Our hearts are broken for the Pittsburgh Jewish community, and for the incredible loss it has sustained today.  We are grateful to the first responders who prevented far more tragedy.  And, we are done being content with calls for thoughts and prayers.
We have an opportunity to do our part to stop this now. Join with us to Flip the House, and make it clear to our elected leaders that the American people do not support the normalization of antisemitism and racism in our country. 


JALSA Impact is a 501(c)(4) organization that engages the progressive Jewish community of Massachusetts in electoral organizing. Our first goal is to Flip the House in the 2018 midterm elections and restore checks and balances to our country. Learn more at